Anabolic peak protein shake
IA Anabolic peak 15 lb protein mass gainer
Inner Armour Anabolic Peak protein shake
IA Anabolic protein supplement shake

Anabolic Peak


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Advanced Muscle Building
Weight Gainer!

50G of Premium Protein
 Hydrolized whey protein
Sustained Release Casein 
1,330 Calories!

Main Ingredient
Whey Protein

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Product Description

Anabolic Peak

ANABOLIC PEAK contains rapid releasing whey hydrolysates, isolates & sustained release casein. Studies suggest that the ingestion of a fast-acting protein/amino acid supplement increases amino acid levels in systemic circulation where they are available for muscle protein anabolism (growth).

ANABOLIC PEAK contains Wayspike™, an instant acting anabolic glucose spiking and enhanced nutrient uptake system.

To be a great athlete you need to be able to sustain high forces (speed X strength = power). Bigger muscles can generate more power because they are capable of producing more force at a given speed. ANABOLIC PEAK promotes muscle recovery and peak power output for your next workout.



Supports Fast Recovery and Muscle Glycogen Refueling
Formulated with high molecular weight carbohydrates and super-fast absorbing waxy maize that triggers critical nutrient up-take and delivery directly into muscles, stimulating muscle recovery and the anabolic muscle building processes.

Increases Lean Muscle Mass
Provides an advanced protein blend that uses a specific ratio of slow and fast absorbing proteins to deliver a steady flow of essential amino acids to muscles all day long, maintaining the positive nitrogen balance needed to trigger anabolic muscle building, while halting catabolic muscle breakdown.

Supports Increases in Strength and Power
Designed with clinically researched creatine, which is suggested to effectively support strength, power and lean muscle.

Perfectly Formulated for Hard Gainers
Formulated with a unique blend of fast glycogen re-loading carbohydrates, 50 g of Amino Acid Ratio Specific Protein, recovery agent Glutamine and muscle building Creatine to support the exact needs of hard gainers.



Increase Lean Muscle Mass
Keeps Muscles Anabolic
Supports Fast Recovery and Muscle
Glycogen Refueling

Supports Increases in Strength and Power
Perfectly Formulated for Hard GAINERS

Powerful Ingredients

Provides 50 g of Precision Pro Protein Per Serving
4 g of Muscle Building Creatine
1 g of Muscle Recovery Agent Glutamine
267 g of Clean Burning Carbs
1330 Calories Per Serving

• Incredible Taste



Trigger an anabolic muscle building reaction, while also providing anti-catabolic muscle protection.

Provides the necessary amino acid profile to trigger anabolic muscle building as well as anti-catabolic muscle protection.

Clinically researched dose of the non-hormonal muscle-building agent, Creatine to increase the amount of ATP or muscle energy.

This recovery agent helps the nitrogen balance in the muscle cells, so that muscle protein synthesis or muscle building stays on.

* These statements have not been evaluate  by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



Additional Information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 x 11.25 x 11.5 in
Servings & Flavors

Anabolic Peak 15 Lbs. Chocolate, Anabolic Peak 15 Lbs. Strawberry, Anabolic Peak 15 Lbs. Vanilla, Anabolic Peak 12 Lbs. Chocolate,

2 reviews for Anabolic Peak

  1. Jared Dr.

    I like very much but wanted free amino blitz, very hard to get and they keep saying they will have more In Stock. I wait.

  2. Greg Barnes

    I’m excited about this, just ordered 2nd 15 lb supply cuz its tastes better than 90% of muscle build supps

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