Tyson McGuire Fitness Plan

Tyson McGuire Is A True Student of The Game

NPC National Level Competitor and Inner Armour sponsored athlete Tyson McGuire feeds his muscle gains not only with steaks and chicken breast, but on volumes of well rounded knowledge of the human body and physiology. The former dual sport athlete spent 3 years as a paramedic before turning to health and fitness full time adding notable personal training certifications to his name. Along with focusing on his own contest prep Tyson uses his wealth of knowledge to improve the physiques and lives of his ever growing client base.

Career Highlights:
8th Place – 2014 NPC Idaho Muscle Classic
2nd Place – 2013 NPC Big Sky Championships
2nd Place – 2012 NPC Northwest Night of Champions

Training Mindset

Supplements & Nutrition


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Tyson athlete mindset

Training Mindset

As a competitive athlete who has continually studied the body from various disciplines, it’s obvious that Tyson absolutely eats, breaths and sleeps training. Here’s more on Tyson’s training mind set.

Tyson athletics information and training


Over the years, Tyson’s goals in the weight room have shifted from the needs to improve sport specific performance, to now enhancing the aesthetics of his physique.  Check out Tyson’s Body Transformation workout.


Supplementing and Nutrition

Inner Armour powers every athlete with the highest-quality sports nutrition products.  Scientifically formulated with research-based, ultra-premium ingredients, Inner Armour has earned the trust of pro athlete’s worldwide to fuel their peak performance. Check out Tyson’s favorite stack here.