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Test Academy Peak Performance Guide

Since 1992, the TEST Football Academy has been training elite level collegiate football players and preparing them for the NFL combine. In the last 10 years the TEST Football Academy has produced over 200 Draft Picks. The athletes receive individual, customized programs from the experts on staff, which are tailor made to optimize every ounce of their potential and ultimately achieve stellar performances at the combine.

Every aspect of the TEST Football Academy is dedicated towards achieving each athletes peak physical performance. From the expertly trained and experienced staff, to the state of the art facility and equipment, it all exists to push the limits of human athletic potential. Tomorrows NFL pros and the elite of the elite trust the staff at TEST to lead them down the road to success, and the trusted fuel for these elite athletes and trainers is Inner Armour.

Test Academy's Peak Performance NFL Combine Training

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The keys to success for not only the athletes, but the training staff as well, starts and ends with specialization. From the initial evaluation, to the warm-ups, drills and lifting sessions, everything revolves around a specifically prescribed plan of action for each athlete.

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For most, a few rounds of skipping or minutes on a stationary bike are sufficient enough to break a sweat and start your workout. Warm-ups at the TEST Football Academy however, improve the athletes technique and help to prevent injury. Use these warm-ups in your own training.

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As with all aspects of the TEST Football Academy, every minor detail in the athletes’ development is evaluated and specifically prescribed to fit their unique needs. So it should be no surprise that sports nutrition supplementation would be treated any less.