Peak Performance Training – Warm Up

Test Academy Peak Performance Training

Test Academy’s NFL Combine Training – Warm Up Drills

It’s not just the sets and reps that are strategically developed for the athletes, the warm up drills have just as much of a technical importance on achieving peak performance as any main exercise. For most, a few rounds of skipping or minutes on a stationary bike are sufficient enough to break a sweat and start your workout. Warm-ups at the TEST Football Academy however, present another prime opportunity to further improve the athletes and help to prevent injury.

These warm-up drills allow for teaching technique on a more isolated, micro level as well as help to identify weak points in various stabilizer muscles and joints that otherwise might’ve been overlooked during the NFL hopefuls entire collegiate career. Implement these warm-up drills into your routine to help achieve your own peak performance.

Test Academy’s NFL Combine Training – Warm Up Drills

Glute Bridge

Before running any 10-yard dash or other sprint work, it’s key to first activate the glutes and then the hamstrings.

Single Leg Glute Bridge

Here the pelvis is put into the perfect position to further activate the glutes.

Full Cobra

The goal here is to try to lengthen the hip flexors.

World’s Greatest Stretch

A three way stretch for your glutes, hip flexors and hamstrings.

Back Lunge with a Twist

Further activation of your glutes plus opening up the hip flexor avoids overcompensating with your hamstring.

High Knee Runs

Triple extension through the thigh, knee and ankle.

Rapid Response Butt Kicks

These aren’t your traditional butt kicks…

Lateral Mini Band Walk

Your hip is like any ball-and-socket joint, and therefore needs a strong rotator cuff.

Mini Band External Rotation

Take note of this exercise if your knees fall inward during squats.

Rapid Response Base Position

Getting your central nervous system primed and ready.

Rapid Response Linear Right

It’s important to isolate each side to avoid any imbalances.

Rapid Response Linear Left

Incorporating this into your warm-up will aide in improving agility and reaction time.

Mini Band Double External Rotation

A weak rotator cuff in your hips can severely diminish your explosive output.

Rapid Response Base Rotation

Here the focus is on separating the upper body from the lower body.

Tin Soldier Kick

The focus here should be keeping the back leg straight while only folding at the hip.

Side Lunge to Drop Set

Improving hip flexibility can lead to better strength in the weight room and more agility on the field.