The following are questions we frequently get asked by our clients, customers, athletes and distributors. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here, please send us your question to info@innerarmour.com.


Q: Does Inner Armour manufacture for any other sports nutrition brands?
A: Inner Armour Sports Nutrition manufactures for select sports nutrition brands. If you are an established brand and are interested in discussing the possibilities of us manufacturing your brand(s), please get in touch at sales@innerarmour.com.

Q: Where are Inner Armour Sports Nutrition products made?
A: Inner Armour products are formulated, produced and packaged in our own certified GMP facility in Kelowna, BC, Canada.

Q: What products does Inner Armour produce?
A: Inner Armour produces sports nutrition products are always banned substance free. Our current family of products include: gainers, protein powder, BCAAs and pre-workout.


Q: Where can I buy Inner Armour products?
A: In North America, you can buy our products from our website or from our Amazon store. Outside of North America, we have select distributors in various countries selling our products online and in-store.

Q: How long does an order take to ship?
A: If you buy from our website and are in North America, typically it will take five days (currently there are world-wide supply chain delays which are affecting us, please feel free to contact us at any time about your order).

If you buy from our Amazon store, depending if you have Prime or not, you could get your delivery in as quick as 24hrs.

Q: What happens if I need to return Inner Armour products and need a refund?
A: If you bought your products from our website, please see our refund policy here. If you bought your products from Amazon, please contact Amazon for their return policy.

Q: Can I get a subscription to Inner Armour products?
A: At this time (early 2022) we are working on a subscription package and will promote it once it is tested and available for the public to sign up.


Q: How do I become an Inner Armour distributor?
A: Please contact sales@innerarmour.com and let us know which countries you want to sell into and tell us a little more about your distribution set up. One of our global sales executives will be in touch quickly to your inquiry.

Q: Is there a minimum order for distributors?
A: Depending on the contract. Please contact sales@innerarmour.com for your unique arrangement.

Q: What countries are you still accepting distributors for Inner Armour?
A: We are currently accepting distributors for many countries outside of North America. Please inquire and we will be in contact. The best method is to email sales@innerarmour.com.