Joel Thomas Body Transformation

Joel Thomas Craves Competition

The bodybuilding journey of Inner Armour sponsored athlete Joel Thomas took a major leap at the 2013 NPC National Championships where an extremely strong showing earned Joel his long coveted pro card to the IFBB. Joel, a gifted athlete who has spent nearly his entire life competing in various sports, from gymnastics and wrestling to powerlifting, always had bodybuilding in his blood. The Florida native grew up admiring bodybuilding thanks to watching his father compete on stage. Joel always brings a massive frame of dense, solid muscle and thickness to every competition, but his biggest strength might just be his no B.S. approach to self-improvement. 

2nd Place – 2013 NPC National Championships
3rd Place – 2011 IFBB North American Championships
3rd Place – 2008 NPC Dexter Jackson Classic

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Joel Sports training mindset at Inner Armour

Training Mindset

Winning is something that Joel Thomas has always been chasing, years before he ever stepped on a bodybuilding stage. No matter the sport, Joel is laser focused on outworking his competitors and losing only makes him a stronger opponent.

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Steel sharpens steel, so in Joel’s case, training with some of the best in world sharpens his game come contest time. For a program forged by the trials of competition, check out Joel’s Body Transformation workout.


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