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TEST Academy Training Mindset '

A Bodybuilding Approach to Sports Training

“I honestly feel that training like a bodybuilder with the right amount of functional movement, that’s the superior way of training. You can train like an athlete and get better for a specific sport but if you want to be well rounded, you need to be able to feel every muscle fiber, you need to be aware of everything. And to be able to control how your body works and responds to stuff, that’s huge. The science of that, the technique in that, I love that stuff. That’s what I like to do. I have six different gym memberships because that’s like my stress relief. I like to train, I like to diet, I like to eat for a certain goal, I don’t find it to be work, I find it enjoyable. And I feel that is the best way to go about your training. As an everyday person, as an athlete. Now if you’re a football player or something like that, that’s fine, that’s cool, it’s not my thing, if it’s your thing awesome, and I understand you have to train specifically for that sport. Great. But honestly, I feel like overall the best way to train is more of a bodybuilding style with those compound movements, with those functional movements. There’s room for sprints, of course you’ve got to do your heavy squats, your heavy dead weights and everything like that, that’s just putting the whole package together. But I feel that training each individual muscle group and giving them adequate time to recover, scientifically I think that’s the best way to train.”

Strength Training & Competition

It’s impossible not to get excited for a bench press challenge.

A pro caliber test of quickness and agility.

Will all those heavy squats pay off for Team Bodybuilder?

NFL Combine Training Mindset

Achieving Peak Performance

Evaluating Sports Nutrition & Performance

Specific Strengths, Supplements and Specialization

The keys to success, for not only the athletes but the training staff as well, starts and ends with specialization. Identifying the specific strengths and weakness of each athlete enrolled at the academy, influences everything they do for the duration of their training, from supplements, right up to test day.

Reaching Peak Potential

The goal is for TEST Academy athletes to reach peak performance potential. The drills they’ll do, the exercises, reps, sets, the length of the training bouts, their rest periods, the food they eat and the sports supplements they drink, are painstakingly evaluated. To achieve peak potential the strategy is to maximize their testing numbers and attain their most powerful performance on the football field. Supplement beverages including Inner Armour BCAA Peak were used with excellent results in the gym and on the field.

Old School Intensity

NFL Hopefuls Compete

New School Science & Old School Intensity

To push athletes to their peak performance levels, Geir Gudmendsen is head of football operations at the TEST Academy, explains his mindset on training draws on, “new school science with old school intensity”. In other words, each NFL hopeful gets special attention with their customized program along with the use of a state of the art facility.

BCAA Peak & Leucine Sports Supplements

But the team aspect of accountability, competition amongst their peers and overall coaching intensity from the staff reminds the NFL hopefuls that they are in a true football factory and not a leisure summer camp. From the training facility to the field, TEST Academy athletes had Inner Armour BCAA Peak available to support rapid healing of muscle tissues during the post-workout recovery period. The sports supplement was consumed as a beverage, delivering  a 12:1:1 ratio of branched-chain amino acids favoring leucine. BCAA Peak also contains the amino acids, isoleucine and valine.


NFL Coordinator: “What Motivates Athletes?”

Test Football Academy’s NFL coordinator, Geir Gudmendsen explains his mindset on training. “I don’t care who you are as a kid, you wanted to be somebody better, that’s what we are trying to do. Everybody wants to be an athlete, that’s what it comes down to. We try to bring in that whole philosophy to make sure that they are getting motivated, doing things evenly and on a program; the right way, and doing it smart. They’re doing fantastically.”



Affiliations: Greir Gudmundsen

  • NFL Coordinator, Test Academy
  • New York Dragons
  • Buffalo Bills


Studied: Sociology

  • University of Albany, SUNY



  • Cranford, NJ 07016


Are Lifting workouts created equally for bodybuilders?

“I look at bodybuilding as a sport. Just like football is a sport, basketball is a sport, baseball is a sport. So, if you want to be a bodybuilder, you should train like a bodybuilder. And you should have a bodybuilding workout. If you want to be a football player you need to do a football workout, I think the industry as a whole has taken bodybuilding workouts, automatically added in muscle and fitness mechanisms.. for basketball, football and soccer. So I think there has been a heavy dominance in our industry that’s led people do what makes you stronger.”


Affiliations for: Kevin Dunn

  • TEST Football Academy, Owner & CEO
    • Training & Education Director
    • Bio-mechanics Expert
    • Speed Coach



20 years in the Sports Performance Industry

25,000 hours training youth through professional athletes

Medical Liaison for Performance Coaches & Medical Team


Bachelors Degree:

Rutgers University, NJ

Exercise Science & Psychology


Poll: Is Bodybuilding a Sport?


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Affiliations: Clark Coe

  • TEST Football Acadamy
  • Monmouth Hawks


  • Defensive Back



  • Hoboken, NJ 07030


NFL Hopeful, “Why do you wake up in the morning?”

NFL hopeful, Clark Cloe, wants to know what gets you out of bed in the morning. In an interview with Inner Armour Sports Nutrition Clark explained, “It all starts with, what do you want? You know, what’s your why? You know that’s what Kevin and Dee, and Skip, they all preach to us. What’s your why?

Why do you wake up in the morning? Why do you want to be in the NFL? Why do you want to do the thing that you do? You know and once you figure out that why, that’s when it all comes together. That’s when you wake up and say, why am I doing this and then you think back to why you’re doing this and why and let’s get ready and let’s get to work. You know what I’m saying?

Clark Coe, “Let’s Get This Working”

Let’s get this working, let’s get this money, that’s all I’ve got to say. That’s kind of what I base my life on. Why have I been waking up? Why have I been taking this whole year off? Not finding a big time job, not doing anything else besides training and sports nutrition. Why am I doing this? And it’s because I want to make it into the NFL. I wanted to do all of this, this was the reason why I needed to, because I got through it. That’s my why. That’s why I wake up every morning, I’m going balls to the walls training until I can’t walk.”

I have been on the coaching side for about 6 years… I have seen this industry grow.

What it comes down to is put the right things in your body and put the hard work in. We all make sure we are all on everything and combine the [hard work], with technology… you have to apply both.


Coach Geir Combines Sports Nutrition Science with Basics

So I’ve been on the athlete side, and now I’ve been on the coaching side for about 6 years. And I’ve seen this industry grow and I’ve seen a lot of different changes . There’s a lot of nutrition science behind everything. But what it comes down to is put the right things in your body and put the hard work in, you’re going to get success out of that. That’s it period. You could have all the BCAA Peak and Anabolic Peak, you could have the newest technology, but teaching kids if they don’t come to work and they aren’t putting the right things in their body, they’re not going to get the benefit of this program. I like to say that we have new school science with old school intensity. That’s kind of our motto here. We all make sure we are all on everything and have the most advanced ethnology, with technology, but you have to apply that. You have to apply both.


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