Dave Paterik's Path To The Pros

IFBB Pro and Inner Armour sponsored athlete Dave Paterik burst onto the bodybuilding scene in a big way after his 1st place finish at the 2013 Emerald Cup. Dave, who’s first competition was way back in 2004, decided to step away from a successful fitness modeling career and return to the contest stage 8 years later. Thanks to Paterik’s commitment to body building and knowledge of sports nutrition, the Washington State native is now a proud holder of an IFBB Pro card and intensely motivated to enter the next chapter of his rising bodybuilding career.


Contest Highlights:

1st Place – 2014 NPC National Championships
1st Place – 2013 BSN Emerald Cup
2nd Place – 2012 Washington State Championships    

Dave Paterik's Body Transformation Over View

Dave Paterk's

Training Mindset

For Dave, his training mindset is all about setting and achieving specific results. A crucial component is crafting the right routine designed to achieve those results. The final step is the most difficult…stick to it!

Athletic training at Inner Armour Sports Nutrition


The hours Dave has spent in the gym has earned him acclaim as a fitness model and lead to rapid success on the competitive bodybuilding stage. For a routine proven in the real-world, check out Dave’s Body Transformation workout.


Straight Bar Curl

Hammer Curl with Cables

Overhead Tricep Press with Cables

Cable Triceps Pushdown

Standing Overhead Barbell Press

Lat Pull Down

Under Hand Grip Row

Over Hand Grip Bent Over Barbell Row

Stiff Legged Dead Lift


Supplementing and Nutrition

Inner Armour powers every athlete with the highest-quality sports nutrition products. Scientifically formulated with research-based, ultra-premium ingredients, Inner Armour has earned the trust of pro athlete’s worldwide to fuel their peak performance. Check out Dave’s favorite product.