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Test Academy Athletes - Training Mindset

Marvin Booker On Progress

Stay Focused on What You Want

Be patient with yourself. Any type of progress is progress. Some days, you’re not going to feel the best to get up out of bed and do it. Some days you’re not going to want to get up under the weight and press it, or pull it or lift it, whatever the case may be. Take every little bit of progress that you have. If you gained 5 pounds, be patient with that 5 pounds. If you went up 10 pounds, be patient with that 10 pounds. Give yourself and your body and your mental and spiritual enough time to progress. Because then everything else will work out for itself. Stay away from people who say you can’t. Stay way from people who say you won’t. Stay focused on what you want.

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If It Gets You to The Gym ..Do It

Listen, if it works, for you, do it. Because this is the thing, there are so many different things out there, you have the newest fad that comes out but at the end of the day, if it gets you to the gym, get healthy and do it, do it, please.

Whatever Works

Whether it’s the newest science whatever it is, get to the gym and get moving and do it. Be healthy. Whatever works for you.

Clark Coes' Early Routine

Getting Mobile for Practice

I probably set my alarm about a half an hour before I have to wake up, just so I can wake up. I usually pray in the morning. I kind of fall back asleep, wake back up and once I’m up, I take a shower to really wake me up and then I get my clothes on and I’m on the road about an hour and a half before practice starts. I try to get here about an hour before so I can stretch, because I feel like now I need to stretch so much more than usual stretching because I’ve torn something. So I take it more personally when it comes to stretching and getting myself mobile for practice. So I’m usually in here about an hour earlier every single day, mentally getting myself for what I’m about to physically do. I try to do that same routine. I try to leave my house at 7:15, and be here by 7:45 or 8:00. And I’m working out already for an hour before the regular group comes in.


Who's The Better Athlete?

Football Player or Bodybuilder?

Bodybuilding is a sport. You have a way different focus than what these athletes have. And I think they’re one of the same. You have to be unbelievably talented to do both. Last question, for real this time. One word answer, who’s a better athlete, Football or Bodybuilder? Football.

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Rashed Bailey on Drive

Competition Drives Me..  Show Your Talents

I think I’m the biggest competitor… ever. Even when I’m playing a video game, or one-on-one with a quarterback or a safety, I drive off of competition. And when you get to show your talents against somebody who thinks they are better than you, you’re competing all day. And that’s what we do here and we implemented in work outs. When we’re bench pressing 225, and when we run our 40s, shuttle, bell drill, all of these different things are like us competing against each other. Who is going to get the better number? It’s just a whole big challenge of competing.

Everyone Moves

Kevin Dunn on Building the Right Engine

We have the knowledge, we have the ability, we have the high power, the high technology, savvy facility. But we also have the couching staff and the “mechanics” to take the engine apart and clean it off, add some horse power and build the right engine for the right race. What sport are you playing, what position are you playing? Whether it’s golf, tennis or whatever, football, basketball, baseball, because we like to consider everyone an athlete. Everyone in this world moves, that’s why there are sports supplements. How well do you move, is the question.

To Be Valued

Stay Consistent – No Exceptions

My biggest advice to anyone who’s trying to be in a position of value, is to be consistent. You cannot do anything in life without being consistent.

Kevin Dunn's Training Mindset

We Are Like Mechanics

When you start business early at 7 years old, you know those are such developmental years for movement. And we try to correct some of these movement problems. Some of these guys that come in from their college division from universities, trying to teach them how to squat, and they’ve just never been taught the right movement pattern, a lot of them. Some strand of coaches, some Universities do a phenomenal job. Some kids slip through the cracks, with 130 kids on the team, usually one well paying coach, then a lot of people who are interns, and well leveled employees beneath them. When they get here it’s a specific prescription. We have generally between, 20 to 24 guys per cycle in this con bike cycle and 4 to 5 coaches on the field with them, making sure that every movement is precise, and they know exactly what they need to do to move. So for the general population, I think we are like the mechanics working on super race car, Nascar and the engines. But we also work on a Buick.

First 5 Days at Test Academy

Basic Movement

It’s very technical at first, we have to break these guys down, just from the basic movement patterns. And then to be able to go on top of that whether it’s form or technique. Like I said, running and the 40s and all those are procedural.